Hunger for Wholeness

"The Importance of Hope" with Phil Clayton (Part 1)

August 15, 2022 C4C Season 1 Episode 1
Hunger for Wholeness
"The Importance of Hope" with Phil Clayton (Part 1)
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In this episode Hosts, Ilia Delio and Gabby Sloan interview Author, Teacher, Activist, Phil Clayton as they discuss the following themes:

“If as individuals, tribes, and cultures, we are in continual development; if our planet, and indeed our very universe, continually evolves into newness; then how can we not imagine that the Christ would also be a part of a cosmic becoming?” Phil Clayton

Philip Clayton, Ingraham Professor at Claremont School of Theology, writes and speaks widely on the evolution of human consciousness and spirituality. Co-Director of the Center for Process Studies ( and author or editor of two dozen books and some 300 articles, he advocates for an evolutionary metaphysics and ethics beyond the old “warfare” of science and theology. Increasingly, he is being drawn to the intersection of climate science, ethics, religion ― ecotheology.

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(Cont.) "The Importance of Hope" with Phil Clayton (Part 1)