Hunger for Wholeness

"What is Transhumanism?" (Part 2) with Phil Clayton

August 15, 2022 C4C Season 1 Episode 2
Hunger for Wholeness
"What is Transhumanism?" (Part 2) with Phil Clayton
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In this episode Hosts, Ilia Delio and Gabby Sloan interview Author, Teacher, Activist, Phil Clayton as they discuss the following themes in Part Two of the interview:

Visit Phil Clayton's website for more information online at Phil Clayton.

“What actions can we take across the sectors of society in order to turn the structures of human life on this planet toward a genuinely ecological civilization? How can we all ― scholars and activists, secular and religious leaders, the private sector as well as the public ― begin to live and think the way our grandchildren will have to live and think?” - Phil Clayton

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(Cont.) "What is Transhumanism?" (Part 2) with Phil Clayton