Hunger for Wholeness

"What is God?" with Dr. Bruce Damer (Part 2)

October 31, 2022 C4C Season 1 Episode 14
Hunger for Wholeness
"What is God?" with Dr. Bruce Damer (Part 2)
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Ilia Delio and Robert Nicastro interview Orgin of Life Scientist, Dr. Bruce Damer (Part Two) on the following topics:

About Dr. Bruce Damer:
Astrobiologist Dr. Bruce Damer investigates the chemical mechanism of life's origins and its implications for evolutionary biology, technology, and culture, including philosophy and our sense of place in the cosmos. He serves as chief scientist at the BIOTA Institute, researcher at UC Santa Cruz, designer of spacecraft for NASA, and has a lifelong interest in the sources of creative breakthroughs.

“Can we develop a ‘unified field theory’ which explains both life's emergence and consciousness experience? Dr. Bruce Damer

For more information visit his website:

He draws from multiple disciplines to offer practices for individuals and organizations to access extraordinary states of creativity and realize genius solutions for humanity.

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(Cont.) "What is God?" with Dr. Bruce Damer (Part 2)