Hunger for Wholeness

How Wholeness Heals with Fr. Greg Boyle (Part 1)

September 25, 2023 Center for Christogenesis Season 3 Episode 3
Hunger for Wholeness
How Wholeness Heals with Fr. Greg Boyle (Part 1)
Show Notes

Hunger for Wholeness: How Wholeness Heals with Fr. Greg Boyle (Part 1)

In this episode, Ilia Delio begins her conversation with Fr. Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries. Ilia and Fr. Greg unpack the background of the now international organization and the challenges of rehabilitation. They interrogate popular views on “progress” and “growth,” and Fr. Greg shares his emphasis on “healing” and how that guides his views of social welfare and progress.


“The strategy of Jesus is not centered in taking the right stand on issues, but rather in standing in the right place—with the outcast and those relegated to the margins.”

Fr. Greg Boyle is an American Jesuit priest and the founder of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, the largest gang-intervention, rehabilitation, and re-entry program in the world. He has received the California Peace Prize and been inducted into the California Hall of Fame. In 2014, the White House named Boyle a Champion of Change. He received the University of Notre Dame’s 2017 Laetare Medal, the oldest honor given to American Catholics. He is the acclaimed author of Tattoos on the Heart and Barking to the Choir. 

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